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The Naked Pharmacy Olive Leaf with Elenolic Acid (30 capsules)


Olive Leaf with Elenolic Acid (ELA) is a safe and effective natural supplement which has been clinically tested and shown to help protect and support your immune system. It can be taken either to help prevent you getting ill or during periods of illness to aid recovery. It contains high-strength, premium grade Olive Leaf with ELA, combined with vitamin C and zinc.

Alternative products feature olive leaf extract with only oleuropein and not ELA. Oleuropein has a high molecular weight and is very slowly digested to ELA in the stomach. Therefore, the bioavailability of ELA through digestion of oleuropein is limited. By providing high strength ELA in the olive leaf extract of our product, the bioavailability of ELA is not restricted by digestion and this optimises the absorption of ELA.

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