What is Maître of Thyme?

We are a private and bespoke studio in Fitzrovia, a stone’s throw from London’s renowned Harley Street, specialising in Pilates, Physiotherapy, Osteopathy Reflexology and Deep Tissue/Sports Massage. We also offer Sugar-free snacks, Superfoods and Supplements in-studio and in our e-shop.

We use Pilates and manual therapies to assess, treat and empower our clients to move more mindfully. Our sugar-free snacks, superfoods and supplements are carefully curated to bolster our clients’ ideals of wellbeing.

We only work with the most highly experienced and qualified instructors and therapists. To apply to use our space, please email your proposal and CV to info@maitreofthyme.com


Eleonora Sansoni
Pilates & Osteopathy

Eleonora is very passionate about her job and is a firm believer that each person is unique and should be treated as such. She seeks to identify and treat the cause of the presenting problem rather than simply focusing on relieving its symptoms.

Fiona Troup
Pilates & Physiotherapy

To Fiona, Pilates is a beautiful and innovative system of movement which can be of benefit to all. It serves both as a portal back to movement and exercise and as an extremely challenging fitness and conditioning system.

Petrus De Jager
Sports Massage Therapist & Personal Trainer

Petrus completed his studies in Sport Science and certification sports massage in 2000,in South Africa. In 2001 he also became a certified muscle activation techniques specialist. Since he has been working at various gyms & clinics doing both personal training, massage and MAT.

Amber Needham

Amber was first introduced to Pilates through her dance training. She found fulfilment in conditioning and learning biomechanics through the Pilates method. 

Andrea Hurst
Reflexology Guru

Andrea has 25 years practitioner experience combined with an exceptional ability to give specific and accurate diagnostics of the Reflex points, whilst simultaneously perfecting and correcting all body systems with a unique set of treatments.

Dr Marianne Parry
Functional and Lifestyle Medicine


Marianne qualified as a doctor in 1994. After working in the NHS she trained in Tropical Medicine and went on to have an international career working with leading NGOs across the world.

Her long-standing interest in healthy living deepened through her own health journey, after a major road accident whilst working overseas. Excellent medical services saved her life, but seemed unable to help her return to full health in the longer term. She had lost the robust good health she had previously enjoyed and was left struggling for several years with chronic fatigue and multiple chronic health problems.

Thankfully she discovered Functional & Lifestyle Medicine testing and interventions, along with Bio-Energy techniques, which gave her back her health and allowed her to live her life to the full again.

Knowing what a difference this approach made to her, inspired Dr Marianne to study Functional & Lifestyle Medicine herself and share the life-changing benefits of this work with others.