What does Maître of Thyme mean?

Our name is a pun on the expression ‘[it’s just a] matter of time’, denoting that your holistic wellness is entirely achievable and depends only on the time you invest in yourself. The company name also evokes the idea that we are all masters of our own time and how we employ it.

It also has many other levels…


|ˌmeɪtrə |


French origin; Equivalent to ‘master’ or ‘teacher’. Also, a pun on the words ‘matter’ and ‘master’.

Master of a field: an expert; a specialist; somebody who is highly trained in a particular field;

All of our people are highly-trained and passionate professionals.

‘Matter of the earth’: nature and its physical elements, as distinct from mind and spirit;

We carefully select and curate the best natural and organic ‘matter’,  from non-perishable foods and soaps to pills and potions (except not really pills!) and herbs and spices.

‘Matter’: content/subject matter

Facilitating a sense of complete wellbeing in our clients is de facto the only subject matter we deal in.

‘A matter’: an issue/problem that needs resolution/something under consideration.

Highlighting our solution-oriented approach to assessing our clients and treating their physical and mental ailments.

‘To matter’: something of great importance and significance/something that makes a


Our credo.


| tʌɪm |

noun [mass noun]

A beautiful herb loved the world over for its medicinal properties as well as its tangy/earthy (‘thymy’) aroma and flavour. Also, a pun on the word ‘time’.

How do you pronounce ‘Maître of Thyme’?

However you wish.

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