Laurel Waldron, All in London Writer

It was so good. I’ve done yoga on a number of occasions but never a small class or one to one, so previously where I’ve sort of gone in blind and hoped I was doing it right, this was a really great opportunity to learn where I need to correct particular postures or where I wasn’t holding things properly. It was REALLY helpful!

Isabella B

With her Osteopathic knowledge and expertise, Eleonora saved my right shoulder! After my MRI, I was told that I would have to undergo surgery… but not anymore! I also had chronic pain in both legs and hips and after a few sessions, the pain has completely disappeared. Consistency is key! Thank you, Eleonora.

Anne W

Eleonora is just the best Pilates instructor. I had all sorts of pains and joint problems when I was pregnant and she sorted them all out and got me pain-free and able to sleep at night again. She supported me through my pregnancy, and her techniques also ensured that my epidural went without a hitch!
I’ve also had osteopathy with Eleonora – I went to her with with my problem as I totally trust her to look after me.
To top it all, she’s one of the loveliest people you could ever wish to meet!

Pauline L

Osteopathy with Eleonora proved invaluable to me and my back! She is highly skilled and I’m now able to easily carry my new grandson around thanks to her treatment.

Ana G

I have been extremely impressed with Eleonora Sansoni as a Pilates and Ostheopath expert.  She is very thorough in her work. Her holistic approach is personalised to specific needs and she does it with an incredibly positive attitude. I look forward to have my sessions with her.

Anik H

Eleonora saved me from chronic back pain by her skill and knowledge of anatomy and applying this to Pilates.  I have recommended her to friend with confidence not just because of her abilities but also her charming and helpful personality.