Silvia Caponera

Silvia is profoundly amazed by human nature and movement. Her interest in various disciplines — classical ballet, gymnastics, Capoeira and functional training among the others — made her realise how essential Pilates can be for any type of mover in order to strengthen his/her body awareness and discover his/her full potential.

Silvia teaches Pilates as a universal language to maintain strong brain-muscle communication at every stage. During her classes, expect your body to be ‘talkative’ as it never before has been; and be ready to listen to what it has to say! She will support you to remain aware and to move safely and efficiently.

Silvia qualified as a Comprehensive Pilates Teacher at Body Art Science International Pilates. Thanks to this course she was able to expand and perfect her repertoire of exercises by deeply exploring Matwork Pilates as well as the many uses of the Pilates apparatuses. Her technique aims to help restore body awareness by performing small, precise and highly effective movements.

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