Maija Kivelä

Maija has always loved movement. She started dancing and doing gymnastics at the age of four, which over the years led naturally to a career in fitness.

Maija started ten years ago as an aerobics and Body Balance instructor. She has always been passionate about guiding her clients towards a healthier lifestyle and so went on to complete a course in fitness instruction and personal training. She then started practising Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga, roughly eight years ago, to keep her body mobile and injury-free while preparing for dance and fitness competitions. She immediately fell in love with the feeling of general wellbeing after each yoga class and decided to deepen her knowledge by training as an Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher. Through extensive study, she has come to believe that yoga is the best way to heal her body and mind after intense strength training. For Maija, yoga is a veritable attitude towards life and she is passionate about sharing its mind-and-life-altering benefits.

As an athlete, teacher and mother, Maija knows that city life can be extremely hectic and so, she uses yoga as a way to balance mind, body and soul. Her classes energise, strengthen and help all muscles flow better; and will help clients reconnect deeply with the inner vitality of the body.

For Maija, everything starts from body awareness and muscle-mind connection. Good health isn’t just about the physical body but about building the conviction that the mind and body are synergetic and affect each other infinitely.

Maija speaks fluent Finnish and English.

Training, Qualifications & Experience:

Yoga Teaching in Ashtanga Vinyasa

Personal Training level 3, Nutrition

Fitness Instructor

Exercise to Music

Achievements in Fitness:

WBFF Fitness Bikini World Championships 1st Place

IFBB Bikini Fitness 1st place

Miami Pro Fitness Model 3rd Place, Bikini Fitness 1st Place

Fitness America Bikini Model 3rd Place

Fitness Britain, Fitness 1st Place

UKBFF Bikini Fitness 1st Place

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