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Korkut Oil Soap Industries Inc. is a corporation of Olivos, Turkey’s export leader in packaged olive oil. Korkut Oil Soap Industries Inc. was founded more than a decade ago. Korkut Oil Soap Industries Inc. has been established and still operates in Edremit. Edremit is the core location where Turkey’s best olive oil is produced and where traditional olive oil soap culture dates back to ancient times, when the place was also known as Pidasus. Our factory is strategically chosen in Edremit for the protection of the freshness of the olive oil (from its natural habitat to bathrooms). Korkut Oil Soap Industries Inc. is a traditional soap factory which has been passed down from one generation to another throughout the ages. In their factory, soaps are made in compliance with international standards using up to date technology and the expertise of our artisans.

Olivos’ olive oil soaps are natural artisanal products that are made for the face, body, hair, mind and soul.

Some of the Olivos soap ranges that we stock at MoT:

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