InBody Body Composition Assessment

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The InBody Body Composition Assessment is one of the integrated components offered as part of a comprehensive nutrition assessment at Maître of Thyme. Here at our boutique, we use state of the art technology to measure the various compartments of your body weight. This scientific method works on the principle of Bio-electrical impedance analysis (BIA); where measurements are taken by using surface electrodes at different sites, which send an imperceptible electrical current through the body. The BIA method is a very scientific and reliable method of measurement and it monitors the changes of the body compartments as ‘total body fat mass’, ‘lean body mass’ and ‘total body water’.

The Body Composition Assessment is done using the most advanced BIA machine available on the market. The unique feature of this technology allows detailed information such as distribution of fat mass and lean mass in various body segments — trunk, legs and arms; an estimate of visceral fat levels and ratio of extracellular and intra-cellular water. This in-depth analysis is very useful in decoding various body types such as those with normal weight for their height but with higher body fat; or identifying those at risk of lifestyle diseases due to central obesity as indicated by high visceral fat level; those who may have concerns about body shape viz low lean mass in the lower body or greater fat distribution around certain body segment(s).

The process of the Body Composition Assessment is very simple, quick and painless. The Assessment is done under standard protocol to achieve accuracy of results and involves standing barefoot and accurate placement of feet and hands on the electrodes; and the results are available in a matter of minutes. The Body Composition result sheet is carefully interpreted by our dietician in relation to the individual’s medical history, biochemical parameters and dietary intake, to provide individualised meal plans to help you achieve a healthier total body composition.

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