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July 1


11:00 am - 01:00 pm


Maître of Thyme

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Maître of Thyme

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MoT Workshop Launch

Yoga for the Eyes: From eyesight to Insight, with Béatrice Pauly-Laubry (Paris)

Sunday 1st July 2018

Session 1: 11am – 1pm

Maximum Capacity: 10 guests

£25 per head


  • A goody bag full of treats from some of our partner brands
  • An hour to shop our boutique retail floor at 20% discount on all products

Béatrice Pauly-Laubry is a psychologist and certified Bates method teacher. She believes that working on our eyesight strengthens our insight and wellbeing; because eyes, body and mind are interconnected!

Purpose: discover your natural vision and reinforce your general wellbeing

The Bates method is a natural form of vision education to improve sight and to rest eyes that are especially strained by overexposure to artificial lights and screens.

It is suited to everyone, of any age, regardless of their type of vision.

Associated with the softness of Yoga, it promotes deep relaxation and general wellbeing.

It works by changing behaviour and learning new activities to reinforce the five basic needs of the eyes:

  • Light
  • Movement
  • Relaxation
  • Memory
  • Imagination

Agenda: 2 hours to practise natural vision around 2 keywords, breath and awareness

  • Breathing and gentle movements of neck and shoulders, to begin relaxation because eyesight problems are linked with mental strain and tensions in these parts of the body (20 min)
  • Self-massages of eyes and face, to connect the eyes to the rest of the face (20 min)
  • Awareness of central and peripheral vision, to open the visual field (20 min)
  • Swaying and swinging, to put the whole body in motion in the service of the eyes (20 min)
  • Blinking, the role of the eyelids, eyebrows and lacrimal glands in the vision (20 min)
  • Palming, the true rest for the eyes (20 min)

You will receive a written summary of the main activities of the Bates method and a bonus about Vision and Nutrition.

Practical Tip

Please wear loose clothes to facilitate free movement. If you wear lenses, please do not wear them to the workshop but bring your glasses instead. Also, please arrive 10 minutes before workshop start time.

About the Teacher:

After practising Chinese internal exercises for a long time and then ten years of Tai Chi, she discovered Eye Yoga at an Ayurvedic centre in Paris.  Passionate about this activity that brings body and mind together, she was trained in the Bates method at the College of Vision Education in London. Today, she teaches Eye Yoga according to the Bates method in collective and individual courses, and develops workshops in London.

For further details about the teacher and the method, please visit her website.


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