Carol Arnelas

Carol started on her Yoga path a few years ago, while working Monday to Friday in the City of London. She had what is commonly believed to be a successful life: a ‘good job’; lots of friends; a partner to share life with; enough money to travel and to go out every weekend. But something was missing. This is how she started practising yoga and mindfulness meditation. Both practices helped her to overcome back pain, become grounded and taught her to enjoy life. One day, she realised she had found her path in life, decided to train as a yoga teacher with Yoga London and finally quit her 9-to-5 life.

She holds advanced training in yoga and specialises in Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga principles. She has also done Yin Yoga training with Norman Blair as well as Tantra Teacher Training with Tantra Essence.

Her classes are a dynamic and energetic flow, incorporating aspects of Mindfulness and Tantra principles. She works with the body, mind and soul as a way to create strength, flexibility, relaxation and union. Expect to feel relaxed, energised and grounded after her class.

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