At Maître of Thyme, we care about you and our mission is to give you back control of your health.

Every single day, we are bombarded by messages and promises of good health based on best exercise practices to adopt, foods to eat and treatments to receive. We struggle to find our own path and to choose the best solution. Which is the ‘right’ one?

Well, there is really no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ advice. It’s all about YOU: what best suits you and your lifestyle and what resonates most with your values.

We implement and champion an empowering, holistic and solution-oriented approach to assessing and treating your mind, body and spirit. Our vision is to act as a habit-changing platform that evokes in our clients a sense of control over their own health, time and ideals of wellbeing. Our mission is to put you in touch with the essential ingredients to achieving these ideals and to catalyse your journey.

We believe in the innate wisdom of the body to heal itself.

Don’t worry, it’s not witchcraft but simple physiology — the clever mechanism of the body to keep everything going! Think about the simplest skin wound. You don’t really do anything apart from keep it clean; but the body activates a huge number of physiological responses in order to clot and heal the wound and to bring your skin back to normal. Processes like this happen in our bodies thousands of times a day while coping with bacteria, viruses, external influences and stress, as well as for regular functions like digestion and blood circulation.

That said, there is a limit to the simultaneous influences that the body is able to cope with. When stressors overcome the body’s ability to fight back, we become ill. This is not something to be afraid of! It’s just our body’s way of telling us (through fever, headaches, stomach problems, etc.) to rest and regenerate, as the amount of energy we would otherwise expend on our daily mechanisms is now needed to fight illness.

Unfortunately, in our modern lifestyles, we seek quick fixes in order to cope and to carry on with our fast-paced lives. Rest has become a bad word and we are made to feel guilty for needing some. This approach to treating illness is responsible for a rise in our dependence on medication and supplementation but is also contributing to an increase in pathologies like mental illness, autoimmune diseases and all sorts of musculoskeletal problems, as we gradually disrupt our natural physiological processes.

While we appreciate that genetics play a big part in developing diseases and that in many cases, medicine is crucial to saving lives, we hold that overtaxing the mind and body with depleting habits is unhealthy and encourages pathological gene expression in the long term.

Our message is one of awareness.

Our mission is to educate and support people throughout their journey towards optimal health and an improved sense of self. We love to inspire people to make positive changes, eat more organic and natural foods, engage the right muscles through key movements and keep their bodies strong from the inside out!

Wellbeing doesn’t mean upsetting the body’s natural order but rather finding the right balance for you.

Give Your Mind & Body the MoT They Deserve