Maître of Thyme is a holistic wellness boutique that offers a curated range of the highest-quality organic and natural products*, bespoke Holistic Nutrition Programmes, Pilates, Yoga and Osteopathy.

We sell our products and host all sessions out of our Fitzrovia boutique at 130 Great Portland Street.

*Why not try our concierge service? If you are looking for something in particular and we don’t stock it, we can get it for you within 24 hours, at just 20% service charge.


Ana G

'I have been extremely impressed with Eleonora Sansoni as a Pilates and Osteopath expert. She is very thorough in her work. Her holistic approach is personalised to specific needs and she does it with an incredibly positive attitude. I look forward to have my sessions with her.'

Laurel Waldron

'It was so good. I’ve done yoga on a number of occasions but never a small class or one to one, so previously where I’ve sort of gone in blind and hoped I was doing it right, this was a really great opportunity to learn where I need to correct particular postures or where I wasn’t holding things properly. It was REALLY helpful!'

Isabella B

'With her Osteopathic knowledge and expertise, Eleonora saved my right shoulder! After my MRI, I was told that I would have to undergo surgery… but not anymore! I also had chronic pain in both legs and hips and after a few sessions, the pain has completely disappeared. Consistency is key! Thank you, Eleonora.'

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Good morning, I am thinking about purchasing 10 Pilates classes via Groupon. However, I am not sure what kind of class is it, mat or a Reformer? I am a complete beginner in Pilates.

    Thank you for your advice.


    1. Good evening Hana,

      We offer both kinds, Mat and Studio Pilates; and we cater to complete beginners, too.

      We look forward to receiving your booking.

      Best, MoT Team.

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