How Much Protein Should We Be Having Every Day?

By Francesca Cappozzo After water, do you know what the main constituent of our body is? Protein! Protein has such important roles in the body, ranging from muscle growth and repair to creating hormones and enzymes that regulate the metabolism, support the immune system and much else. If, while reading that, you felt as though […]

Chew Your Way Out of Lazy Digestion

By Maija Kivelä We all know that chewing our food properly aids digestion and helps to avoid bloating and gastric discomfort. But how often do we actually focus on the process of chewing while munching on the go? It’s almost counterintuitive, isn’t it. It definitely isn’t the first impulse when we are in the middle […]

Maija’s Favourite Yoga Poses to Strengthen & Relax

By Maija Kivelä For a very long time, yoga has enjoyed a reputation for its calming and healing benefits and often, yoga-enthusiasts look to press ‘pause’ on their hectic lives. All of that is essential, no doubt; but did you know that yoga is also an amazing way to increase strength and body awareness? Think: […]

Holistic Living

By Maija Kivelä Holistic living, as its name implies, regards everything as a whole. It promotes a lifestyle that focuses on the mind-body-spirit connection, the wellness of all our interconnected parts, and works towards the health of the entire self and not just one part of it. ‘Sickness’ transcends the physical. Holistic healing isn’t simply about restoring […]

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